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We need volunteers!


[image is a graphic with peach colored background. In the top right is the orange Babywearing International Of Greater Houston logo. Near the center is a clip art red megaphone with white text. The text reads quote Contact your local volunteer or if you are interested end quote. Next to the megaphone in large black letters is the text quote BWI of Greater Houston needs volunteers! end quote. Below are two columns. The left is titled quote Volunteers can help: end quote. The text below is a bulleted list reading quote Set up meetings, Meeting sign ins, Process Memberships, Check in/out carriers, Monitor children, and more! end quote. The column on the right is titled quote Volunteers do NOT need to: end quote. The bulleted list below reads quote be an expert babywearer, know about all the types of carriers, plan to become an educator, be able to attend every meeting end quote. ]

Did you know BWI is a volunteer run organization?
As life goes on, volunteers move on as well. But as we lose volunteers and educators, we need to replace them, or we will not be able to continue helping the community.

We are in need of more volunteers! If you like babywearing a little bit, and want to help out in some way, check out the graphic below and take a look at the frequently asked questions.

If you’d like a meeting in your area, but we do not currently have one. It probably means we do not have any volunteers nearby. You can change that!

Please let us know if you have more questions!