Our mission and principles

As a whole, BWI has adopted a mission statement, vision statement, guiding principles, as well as a code of conduct. On a local level, the volunteer educators of the Greater Houston chapter (BWIGH) are committed to offering unconditional support to families in our community.

We welcome your feedback about our meetings and staff. You may contact us directly  or write to our Chapter Management Coordinator at south at babywearinginternational dot org. If you wish to avoid local contact or file a formal complaint, please complete this form.

BWIGH Mission

To offer information and support to families who wish to use carriers as part of their caregiving practices.

BWIGH Principles

  1. We are working to empower caregivers to make choices they are happy with for their own families. Each family is different. We treasure differences as much as we do common ground.
  2. We offer information. Some information may come from our own experiences, and some will have been relayed to us from others, but we recognize that it is simply information. We remain open to changes in what we know as best practices, and as educators, we take responsibility to stay updated and be critical of information we receive and share.
  3. Others’ experiences and choices may be different from our own. Our default assumption is that others’ choices do not reflect either approval or disapproval of our own choices.
  4. Safe positioning can be different from optimal or ideal positioning. We encourage everyone to understand and use ideal practices.
  5. We obtain clear consent before taking actions that affect others bodies and attempt to be aware of actions that affect their emotional state as well. We believe babies and children learn respect from being treated with respect, and further, that adults deserve the same respect we accord our children.
  6. We believe that humans are doing the best they can with the information and skills they have. Whenever we hear “should,” “have to,” “need to,” or other language that could be taken as judgmental, we will try to determine that no personal views are being imposed on others. This means we ourselves will be working to trace where any “shoulds” come from in our internal dialogues and question the sources.
  7. The group endeavors to accomodate the needs of all members as much as possible, in balance, just as if we were a family. We take responsibility for communicating our own needs to the group. We welcome contributions of ideas and resources from the members of our community.
  8. We are careful in our communications. We attempt to use inclusive, gentle language and are committed to using nonviolent communication as much as we can.