Wishlist for in-kind donations

We will always be grateful for donations of cash (please see the convenient “Donate” button to the right), which we use to pay operating costs for the chapter.

If you would have any of these items to donate, please let us know! As a subordinate of Babywearing International, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, we can acknowledge your in-kind donations, meaning you may be able to use their value to reduce your income taxes owed (please consult a tax professional).

  • Baby carriers and carrier accessories
    Top priorities as of January 2016: short woven wraps, unpadded and open-tailed ring slings
    (For the lending library, carriers must be currently in production and compliant with applicable regulations. If yours is not, we may be able to use it to teach, sell it for funds, or pass it along to a family who cannot afford a carrier. Unusual carriers may be a wonderful addition to our teaching stash.)
  • Large plastic storage crates
  • Weighted demonstration dolls
  • First aid kits (6)
  • Durable suck pads (strap protectors) for our mei tais and soft structured carriers
  • Adhesive name tags, pens, or gift cards to purchase these supplies
  • Books: All the World, or any other books depicting babies in fabric carriers, especially children’s books
  • Food, beverages, and other catering supplies for volunteer training sessions, chapter special events, workshops, and community fairs.