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Northside, Third Tuesday meeting recap

What a wonderful turn out Tuesday at the South branch library in The Woodlands!

We had a great mix of veteran babywearers and newcomers, including several Volunteer Babywearing Educators (VBEs) and VBE trainees who made the trek up north. A few students from Angelique’s Babywearing Institute certification class also attended.

Lauren began the introductions by talking about baby’s airway and spine health while being worn. Jacquie discussed different types of carriers.

Next, Mary divided the group for some hands-on work with specific carrier types. She worked with those curious about soft structured carriers and mei tais. Emily shared her knowledge about woven and stretchy wraps, and Ang and Jacquie partnered up to lead the ring sling group.

Alicia, who is a VBE for BWI of Cleveland, Ohio, and a student from Angelique’s class helped a mother tandem carry her twins.

Mother babywearing twins in two carriers

Tandem wearing twins!

I helped welcome three new members and checked out a couple of carriers. The library also received a wonderful donation: an Infantino Union (soft structured carrier).

It was a great meeting that went by all too quickly! We hope to see you at our next event, and for more pictures of the fun, please be sure to stop by our Facebook page.

Happy babywearing!


In case you missed the Second Saturday meeting and all the squishy babies

Thanks to everyone who attended our meeting yesterday afternoon at the H-E-B community room. We had a terrific time and met lots of new people (maybe some new regulars?). In particular, I loved seeing all the little squishes in attendance.

A quick sum up of our meeting:

After our regular intro and talks regarding airway safety, ideal positioning, and carrier types, we broke into groups. Jacquie talked about ring slings and tandem wearing, Meleah discussed buckle carriers, Emily took on wraps and buckle carriers, and I focused on “poppable” wrap carries and mei tais.

Here are some videos to help you review what we covered in my breakout groups.

Check back for more links from our other VBEs and VBE trainees in the next few days.

First Friday evenings at Frost Bank in Rice Village

Friday after a long week, I started carting our ever-expanding carrier lending library into the bank. Took the elevator to the second floor. My 5-year-old told me it felt like a hotel (a good thing; she likes hotels). Wow. The board room was swanky. The air conditioning was cranked up. And after a productive meeting, a few families joined our chapter’s membership ranks (welcome!).

picture of the second floor conference room at the Frost Bank

Getting ready to discuss babywearing at the Rice Village Frost Bank.

Our opening discussion briefly touched on airway safety, the benefits of carrying babies close, and some reasons a knees-above-bum position with well-supported back is so beneficial. VBE Jacquie and I were able work one-on-one with attendees, trying on some of the carriers new to our library. We very much appreciate Frost Bank for welcoming us into the space.

Hope to see some of you again next month!

picture of families learning to use different cloth baby carriers

See the cute babies? I got to snuggle with some while their parents worked with new techniques and refining positioning in their current slings.

Recap from our first meeting in our new Saturday home

This month’s meeting was held at a new location: the Community Room of the Bunker Hill H-E-B. We are very excited about this location and feel that having our Saturday monthly meetings here will help us to continue serving the community.

At the meeting, we went over airway and positioning basics for babies in any baby-holding device. We also discussed each carrier type: simple pieces of cloth (wraps), SSCs (soft-structured carriers), ring slings, and mei tais. We then broke into three groups to focus on one-on-one help: wraps, ring slings and pouches, and panel carriers (mei tais and SSCs). Many attendees were able to try out carriers they had never used before.

We handed out raffle prizes to several if our winners from the June membership drive. Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to those who have joined us or supported in other ways. And of course, thanks also go to our raffle donors.

Mothering Nature Birth Services
Comfy Joey
Woodland Babies

The carrier library has continued to grow, and we were able to check out more carriers to members. Three new members joined the chapter, which continues to enable us to build our library. Thank you to all of the attendees who came, new and returning. We appreciate your support as we continue to bring babywearing support to Greater Houston! We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting, again or for a first time.

— VBE Meleah

Knowledge and skills we don’t want to have to use

Picture of mother and child mannequin faces

Image courtesy of zen Sutherland

Thanks to Parachute Consulting, three of our educators (Angela Engle, Erin Young, and Angelique Geehan) and a few BWIGH friends are now National Safety Council-certified in first aid, CPR, and AED use for adults, children, and infants. Let’s hope we never need to use this knowledge.

Thanks also go to St. Paul’s School for hosting us and our friends who attended as guests for their donations to the chapter library funds.