How the carrier lending library works

Much like a public library for books, our chapter maintains a library of baby carriers. Anyone attending a meeting may view and try on carriers from the lending library, but only members may check carriers out to take home.



Members can check out the carriers in our library at one of our monthly meetings. Those who cannot attend a meeting may contact us, and if a volunteer is able, he or she may be able to arrange a special meeting.



The loan period for a carrier is approximately one month — from one meeting to the equivalent meeting the following month. For example, a carrier checked out at the July Second Saturday meeting should be returned either to the August Second Saturday meeting or to an earlier meeting. We ask members to make every effort to return carriers on time so that others in our community may use them. We also ask that members do not travel outside the country with a borrowed carrier.



Late returns incur an immediate $5 penalty plus an additional $1 per day. Once a carrier is more than 2 months late, the borrower will be billed for the replacement cost of the carrier. As an example, assume meetings are held on the first of every month. If a borrower checks out a carrier with a $100 replacement value on January 1 and returns it on February 6, the borrower will be fined $5 + ($1 x 5 days) = $10. If the carrier is returned on March 31, the borrower will be fined $5 + ($1 x 59 days) = $64. If the carrier is still checked out on April 1, it is considered “lost”, and the borrower will be charged $100.



Please help keep our carriers in excellent condition by avoiding smoke (from burning wood, tobacco, and other substances) and eating or preparing food while using the carrier. Also, please keep the carrier away from pets, contact with perfume or cosmetic products (lotions, deodorants, sunscreen, diaper creams, etc.), and clothing and accessories that may snag (jewelry, belt buckles, decorative accents on clothing, hook-and-loop closures on diapers, pacifier and toy clips, etc.). Be careful not to let any part of a carrier drag on rough surfaces, such as concrete, brick walls, and stone.

If a carrier is used with strap protectors, please feel free to launder the protectors as you would your own clothes, as long as you avoid softeners and scented detergents. If the carrier gets dirty in a small area, please gently spot clean with water and, if needed, a mild unscented detergent. If more than spot cleaning is needed, please contact the group for instructions.



If a carrier is lost or incurs major damage, the borrower must pay BWI-GH the replacement cost of that carrier.A borrower returning a carrier with minor damage, such as lost parts and heavy stains (as determined at the discretion of the Librarian), may be fined for the damage. The borrower agrees to pay BWI-GH in the event of such damage or loss upon the return of the carrier or the due date, whichever is later. These policies can be found online in the membership agreement.


2 thoughts on “How the carrier lending library works

  1. Talitha

    I co-lead a babyweraing group and we are looking into a new system for checking out carriers. Would you be willing to share what software you use for your library? Thanks so much. -Talitha

    1. admin Post author

      Hi, Talitha. Right now, we track carriers by hand, taking notes on our waiver / sign-in sheets. We didn’t want to set up tracking system because our parent organization has one planned for us. If you are able to access Facebook, you may want to check out the group called “Babywearing Educators” and ask there. If not, you can try emailing Thanks, and good luck with your group!


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